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An Interesting Place to Be Episode 1

August 9, 2018

At a loss to describe the surreal and traumatic experience of losing his vision, Martin gives a droll summation of the initial weeks of his vision loss as “an interesting place to be” as though he had found himself in a screwball comedy predicament rather than faced with a permanent disability.

Through conversations with Martin, host Stella Glorie learns that this is a typical Martin self-effacing and understated comment. But behind this, is a deep-thinking and thoughtful man who is coming to terms with his vision loss and what this now means for him and his family.

In this podcast series we take an in depth look at a year in the life of Martin Wright, who lost his vision in November 2016. Martin takes us through the changes and challenges he’s dealing with and we get to know Martin, his wife, Pat, his family and learn about how his vision loss has impacted on his life.


Episode 1

Martin takes us through the extraordinary story of losing his vision while driving home after taking his wife to hospital. He talks about his life before vision loss and the subsequent changes.